Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Story: Love is for Losers

Chapter one of my new fanfiction, Love is for Losers, is now posted. :)

This fic is centered around Dominique Weasley as a 6th year Hufflepuff, who thinks that love is stupid and--you guessed it--for losers. But can a quidditch teammate change her mind?

Check it out, please!


Celebration News and an Update :)

The Properties of a Rose part 25 is now posted! And.... I got my 300th review today! *cyber confetti for everyone*

Thanks to everyone for the reads, reviews, and support! <3


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update Posted

Part 24 of The Properties of a Rose is posted. It's about a week later than what I had hoped to post it, but exams and projects have gotten in the way. Anyway, I hope readers enjoy this chapter!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Still Writing

Today I have completed another chapter of The Properties of a Rose, and have edited several chapters--one of The Properties of a Rose and another of Closer to Heaven Above. You should see updates before the end of the week! :)

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Properties of a Rose Updated!

A New Chapter, Part 23, of The Properties of a Rose has been posted. Go check it out to see the first half of Rosie's Hogsmeade date with Scorpius!

Part 24 to come soon after editing! :)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Chapter Posted

Chapter 8 of Closer to Heaven Above is posted on HPFF! Please take a minute to read and let me know what you think, via a review. :)

Thanks, guys,

Friday, December 31, 2010

It's Been a Very Long While...

Well, readers, it's been about a million years. I'm very sorry it's taken so long for updates--but school has got to come first, fanfiction second. (Though please know that it IS second.)

A few things to mention to my readers:
--Been working on my stuff lately, and I've got new things to post, new chapters and new fics. :)
--Next thing to get updated will be Closer to Heaven Above. Got a few chapters done on it, and they will be posted when the que reopens. As of now, even TAs can't post.
--I'm making changes in Closer to Heaven Above. I realised that my timeline is wrong. Fleur would not be "very" pregnant, as I stated, but rather "newly" pregnant if Teddy is one. Just a small change that I will make that is purely my carelessness.
--I'm going to be working very hard on editing all of the chapters I already have done, then posting as soon as possible. Please keep your eyes peeled for new stuff and new chapters. :)

Finally... I saw that HPFF is going through TAs. I'm a bit worried that since I haven't been able to post because of classes that I will be taken off of the Trusted Author list. I probably haven't earned the right to be on it since I haven't posted much, but that would mean that when I do post, it will take significantly more time to get posted completely. It's no big deal if it happens, I'm just concerned. What do you all think?

I promise I'm working on my FF, and you will see results soon! :)

Thanks, and my apologies again,

PS: Happy New Year!